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How is different from other Illinois Online Contractor Directories?
Newspaper directories, phone books, and other internet classified directories only provide information generically or only perform one function necessary in helping you find the right contractor. Does viewing only a business name and a phone number really tell you anything important about their business? Of course not, and that was the genesis behind You search, compare, and decide who is the best contractor for your project in possibly as little as just a few clicks!

"Who are we and what can we do for you as a Contractor, Business Owner or Homeowner?"
We are collective group of professionals that are homeowners, business owners, renters, and contractors that wanted a better way to connect with each other for that important residential and/or commercial project or repair.

You already search and compare for the best deals on air, hotel, and car prices...right? So why not Search, Compare, and Decide on local Illinois Residential and Commercial Service Providers and Contractors in the same way?

Simply put, we are a "Controlled Membership Association" with an online community library of information on local residential and commercial construction-type service providers. All the contractors’ information found on our system is completely organic. While ICA Membership is controlled by requiring that contractors possess and provide to us the appropriate credentials and meet specific membership requirements in order to become members, we do not review contractors ourselves because we believe in the power of you, the local online community reviewing and policing its own local businesses by submitting ratings, testimonials, and other feedback from their past experiences. In fact, we rely on your reviews and comments in order to provide a premier listing of all reputable and qualified contractors.  Who would you trust? The feedback from a neighbor down the street or the contractor that is trying to get a job regardless of their credentials? We just take the information collected from contractors and organize it in a user friendly format so homeowners and business owners can search, compare, and decide on who is the best possible contractor for the job. Sometimes in literally seconds!

How is the© website different from contractor sites like© and©?
Many “Quote” or “Lead” based sites out on the web today require home and business owners to fill out multiple forms in advance of finding a contractor. They ask for personal information including your budget before you ever see who the best fit for your project is. These sites only refer you to contractors on their client list that are paying them for the lead and your project information. Where does that leave you - the home or business owner? That leaves you with only a limited amount of contractors to choose from.The's Contractor Matching Service is a free service for home and business owners which allows all types of contractors to join (provided they possess the appropriate credentials and meet specific membership requirements), thus giving you a larger pool of possible candidates to choose from before you ever have to even consider discussing the project in detail. Search, compare, and decide who the top candidates in just a few simple clicks - all without ever having to fill out a form!

“Membership” based sites offer up information about ratings and specific contractors. However, there is typically an annual fee involved to see what the community is saying about a service provider. There is no fee at to search its local community library of ratings and feedback or to request up to four quotes from qualified, pre-screened, Illinois contractors.

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